Metal Cutting Services for Production Parts

Fast and Accurate Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutting is a precise and accurate metal fabrication technique used to produce parts for many of today’s leading industries. Waupaca MetalFab is known for accomplishing high-quality, large production runs using their advanced laser cutting technology. No matter how many units you need, we can cut your metal parts quickly and to your exact specifications. By using our laser cutting services, you reduce costs and lead-time while receiving better quality.

Laser Cutting Metal Fab ServicesBenefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting often eliminates the need for tooling and other machining processes. Edge quality and precision are improved with lasers. Compared to other techniques, laser cutting is more efficient and uses less energy. Laser cutting has many other benefits including:

Alternative Plate Cutting Services

Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

When using heavier materials where fast production is still required, high-definition plasma cutting is available. Benefits include:

If you desire hi-def plasma cutting for your metal parts, call the cutting experts at Waupaca MetalFab for a quote!

Flame Cutting

Also known as Oxyfuel gas cutting, flame cutting refers to the cutting of metals by a jet of pure oxygen. Oxyfuel cutting applications are limited to carbon and low alloy steel, ranging from 1” -12” thick. These materials can be cut economically, and setup is simple and quick; no electric power is required, and equipment costs are low.

Water Jet CuttingWater Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting uses a jet of pressurized water, shooting as high as sixty thousand pounds per square inch, to cut metal and a multitude of other materials. Water jets are capable of cutting many industrial materials, including stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, aluminum, tool steel, ceramics, granite, and armor plate, at thicknesses of up to 2 inches.

Waupaca MetalFab consistently expands our equipment capabilities to improve our methods and better serve customers in need of high-quality parts. If you are looking for on-time, on-budget plate cutting services, contact Waupaca MetalFab today.

For the best laser cut metal parts, contact Waupaca MetalFab and request a free quote.