Full and Sub-Assembly Metal Fabrication Services

Metal Product Assembly ServicesWe Will Assemble Your Metal Products

Besides cutting, welding, and forming metal parts, Waupaca MetalFab offers full and sub-assembly services so your product arrives exactly as you desire. Adding assembly services to your cutting or welding needs will not slow down our turnaround times or compromise quality. We put the same dedication and level of precision into each metal fabrication service we provide to our customers.

Our workers’ level of experience paired with cutting-edge technology ensures we meet your assembly needs. We provide both manual and automated processes depending on the need for your product.

Fully and Partially Assembled Products

A major benefit of working with Waupaca MetalFab is services tailored to your unique needs. If you need minor sub-assembly for final project completion in your facility, we will deliver time and cost effective sub-assemblies. Fully assembled parts are provided as well, based on your requirements.

We work with a wide range of businesses from industries as diverse as aerospace, medical, electronics, and automotive. Regardless of the industry or the application for which your parts are used, you will simplify your efforts and reduce your project cost by choosing Waupaca MetalFab for assembly needs.

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